[Reles] Engine improvements and features with 0.0.5!

This update had a lot of internal engine changes and improvements. A basic level of world interaction is now available! Resources can be drilled from terrain! Plugins have been improved to automatically cache for higher performance and to support plugins in even more areas, such as registering custom ores and resources.


0.0.5-dev “Memeory” (August 18, 2018)

  • performance tweaks and optimizations
    • optimized room pack format to be gzipped binary; this new format is also used in database serialization
    • types from plugins are cached for quick indexed lookup in ItemRegistry
  • map interaction support
    • drilling support
      • drill using the CoreDrill, by calling the drill action
      • tiles now have an associated durability that represents the amount of drill power (drill core tier) required
      • drilling transfers resources from tiles to an empire
    • TileDeltaEvent for when tiles change
  • renamed UserTeam to UserEmpire to be more semantic (it represents a single empire, not a “team” or “alliance”)
  • entities feature development
    • multiple entities can no longer inhabit the same space
      • enforced when creating new bots from factory and in MobileEntity::move
    • base for buildings (BuildingEntity), which have custom actions that can be called with .call
    • entities now have a health value (max health comes from template)
    • Bots can now have a move cost, which is a cooldown before they can move
    • Bots have a small data storage array, where they can store persistent data. values can be set using .mset
  • gameplay
    • you can now surrender to destroy your team, starting a cooldown before you can boot again as a new empire

More ETA Son.