[Reles] Bots are here with 0.0.4!

Bots and cores are finally functional!

Install a mining core and a storage core into your bot, and drill for ore.

Here is the changelog:

  • major overhaul of client script api
    • new client api modules
      • MapModule, ArmyModule, GameApiModule, UtilsModule, ConstantsModule replace old globals
    • automatic spawn placement and room generation
    • bot “core” system based on design
      • modular data-driven bot cores
      • cores define stats of bots
      • cores provide custom functions (ex. “drill”)
    • realtime and queued push notifications
    • bot reference sandboxing through ProxyRef objects: (GameEntityRef) that safely forward read-only data fields
  • extensibility expansions
    • nearly every “content” part of the game can be added to without need for reflection or hooking
  • global real time evented system
    • for connecting to client frames
    • events are automatically restricted to bots sensor range
  • improved metrics data control and allow full data export

More ETA Son.